We, one of the biggest visa consultants of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India have 100+ existing franchise partners and is still going on. We are known to provide excellent career development and successful immigration solutions to our clients.

What Are We Seeking?

We are opting for ambitious franchise partners from all over India, who are willing to join and grow with us acquiring all the franchise benefits. We are listed as one of the top visa and immigration consultants in India and we aim to expand our business empire across India. Bridging a gap between our customers/collaborators and our business, we tend to build trust and make the bond stronger.

We are looking for franchise partners who are ready to follow our business guidelines and keep the essence of our business functions intact by understanding its significance and core functionalities. We ensure assistance in set up your business under already developed business expertise. If you are seeking to explore the world of immigration, here is the time you can fulfill your wish of owning your immigration and visa consultation business

What Will You Receive?

Once you collaborate with us, you will receive product-related material. Beginner training and sales support from experienced professionals are what you will be asked to attend to know our business in-depth. Right from infrastructure setup assistance to operational guidelines, our experienced executives will make sure your franchise receives all the required aid. We ensure your business gets a kick start and for that, we assist you throughout the process. You will get a successful business model ready which will earn you the attractive incentive and excellent return on investment.

Franchise Benefits We Offer

With years of experience, we have achieved 3 National &30 State awards. Over 100+ franchises and 350+ partners completes our NB family.

  • We hold a huge client base and several collaborations made with foreign Companies / Attorney / Lawyer / Consultants / Colleges / Universities too, which will ultimately benefit all the franchise owners connected to us.
  • Low investment and higher returns, this is what immigration and visa consultancy business offer. With minimum risk, you can set up a strong system and serve clients of our franchise.
  • We offer training and support to all our franchises on a regular interval of time to keep you updated with the latest rules and changing policies about the student or immigration visa.
  • With a legal contract and transparent terms and conditions, every franchise owner can trust and rely on us.
The requirement for the Franchise
  • An office premises with a minimum carpet area of 500 sq.ft. at a decent and easily accessible location in the city.
  • We should be able to pay the amount of agreement for getting the license to run the franchise seamlessly.
  • Should be packed with necessary capital investment to set up the business.
  • Basic requirements like government bodies permission for banners and hoardings display, fast internet service and customer-centric approach.

If all the above requirements are fulfilled and you are interested to collaborate with us, you are welcome on board. Please connect with us through any communication means and we will get back to you shortly.


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